These are the procedures and responsibilities our staff are required to adhere to keep our clients and staff as safe as possible.

Support Workers

  • Surgical masks to be worn for all in-home care services
  • Full PPE to be worn whilst waiting for clients COVID 19 testing results or
    when clients are self‐isolating for 14 days post-hospital visit or for other self‐isolating reasons.
  • Support workers to shower and dress in new uniform after visiting the above category
    of clients before attending any further services that day. We will attempt to roster these
    clients at the end of the day if appropriate.
  • Support workers to be tested for COVID 19 if showing any flu-like symptoms, respiratory
    symptoms, or are febrile. Refer to COVID 19 Action Plan on staff portal for testing clinic
    addresses and contact numbers or call Subee Newlake local offices for locations of
    closest COVID 19 testing clinic.
  • Support workers to test their temperatures daily. Inform rosters or after hours if
    temperature 37.5 degrees or higher, DO NOT attend service and go for immediate
    COVID 19 testing
  • Support Worker to report to client’s service coordinator if client has any COVID 19
    symptoms for further instructions.
  • Client confidentiality to be always maintained

PPE includes: Surgical mask, gloves, apron, shoe covers, eye protection glasses
Remember Hand Washing and Infection Control procedures must always be followed


Rostering Services

  • Inform service coordinator and management when client reports they are being tested
    for COVID 19
  • Inform Service Coordinator if client has been admitted to or discharged from hospital
  • Try and arrange Support Workers to attend client services as their last job for the day
  • Remove any staff from rostered services if being tested for COVID 19 until results are
    returned negative
  • Remove any staff member from roster if staff is self‐isolating due to recent hospital
    admission, travel, contact with potential or COVID 19 positive person
  • Record on COVID disruption to service Spread Sheet


Service Coordinators

  • Inform rostering department and management if informed by client they are being
    tested for COVID 19
  • Inform roster dept if client has been admitted or discharged from hospital
  • Contact relevant support workers to wear full PPE’s
  • Spot check/Phone call to client to check full PPE’s are being worn
  • Inform Support Workers when clients results are returned.
  • If informed by Support Worker that a client is displaying COVID 19 symptoms, follow up
    with client or clients advocate for them to be tested. Arrange support to COVID testing
    clinic if necessary.
  • If visiting any clients Surgical masks to be worn for all in-home care visits


  • Any person who enters must fill in a COVID 19 screening questionnaire and have their
    temperature tested.
  • Temperatures over 37.5 degrees is considered a mild fever and will be excluded from
  • Any questions answered YES must be reviewed by the Quality Coordinator, Registered
    Nurse or CFO‐Clinical Team Leader

Updated January 2020