Vaccination for seniors aged 65 years or over is just as important as it is for children.

Influenza is a very contagious infection of the airways. It is especially serious for people more than 65 years old.

The influenza vaccine is free through the National Immunisation Program (NIP)for seniors aged 65 years and over. The influenza virus strains change every year and the vaccine changes every year to match these strains. That’s why it’s important for people to get the vaccine every year.

Click here for: Don’t take the risk this season: Protect yourself and get the flu vaccine provides information for people about getting vaccinated against influenza, including information on:

  • what is influenza
  • why and when you should get vaccinated against influenza
  • who is eligible for a free influenza vaccine under the National Immunisation Program
  • influenza vaccine safety.

Click here for Dept of Health web page full of resources.

Click here to download their brochure about Flu and Flu Vaccine.