Do you or your clients need transport?

We have experienced community support staff available staff to provide your or your clients with transportation and accompany them to appointments. Book a transport service on the form below below.

Transport Service

Because getting out and about is so vital to pursuing a full life, our transportation services are all wheelchair accessible. So this can be utilised for getting to appointments or daily living (such as shopping) and social activities.

When you are short staffed, Subee can provide experienced staff to transport you or your clients to appointments, shopping or social activities. So, please fill in the form below to provide us with details of what you require. We will respond ASAP.

  • Please provide us with at least 24 hours notice of service required. For shorter notice bookings, please call the numbers provided under "Short-Notice Agency Staff" on this page.
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  • We charge in hourly increments. How many hours do you estimate this service will take?
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  • Please provide information regarding the purpose of the service (eg. to escort client to medical appointment, transport and escort for shopping, attend social activity etc)
  • Please provide ANY information regarding any health or risk information our staff will need to be aware of to perform this transport service to keep your client safe. Please check any of the boxes applicable to your client:
  • Please provide us with ANY additional information we should be aware of regarding your client or the service they require, in order to keep your client and our staff safe.
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Short-Notice Agency Staff

If you need experienced Staff to cover shifts in your Nursing Home or Care Service, at short notice. Book online, by clicking here.